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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

At KOA New York City North/Newburgh

Aloha Everyone,

After getting heavy rain all day, it is wonderful to see the sun peeking out of the thick forest. This KOA site is located in the historic Hudson Valley close to West Point and the Franklin D. Roosevelt home. A sightseeing tour of NYC is available from this camp site. They charge $109 per person and take you on an air conditioned bus with driver plus guide to 5 main tourist attractions including the Statue of Liberty. One must book in advance and they require a minimum of 14 people. I was told for us to allocate 12 hours for this sight-seeing tour. This is another place we should make a return visit and use it as a home base to explore the area.

J.J. had recalled seeing Villa Italia Restaurante & Pizzaria on our way here last night. Good thing as we did not see too many other choices for lunch within 5 miles. It turned out to be an excellent choice. J.J.'s Spaghetti alla Vongole was perfectly prepared and my vegetarian entree of grilled eggplants with pepper topped with mozzarella cheese was delicious! Kelly, our waitress with her bubbly personality told us that she used to work on the other side of the river (Hudson), but now, while she still lives on the other side works on this side of the river.

After doing our weekly laundry and luxuriating in a very hot shower, I went walking. Mother Canadian Goose can be vicious and she was in an attack mode. When I approached to take photos of her goslings, she stretched her neck and loudly honked at me.

Aloha -- Cathi