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Friday, May 5, 2017

Sumptuous Food & On Board Entertainment

Aloha Everyone,

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  
Happy Boys Day!
Happy 3rd Anniversary to us with Honu!

The two of us have enjoyed performances at The Punchliner Comedy Club. Calypso music, solo guitar and string classics and tonight, J.J. and I watched the Playlist production: Flick. The latter was spectacular combining amazing visual effects and accomplished singers and dancers. J.J. and I came away awed and truly entertained. Since photography during the performance is not permitted, please enjoy some of the sumptuous meals we enjoyed on board.

It was announced that on average, a person gains 1 1/2 pounds per day while on a cruise. Fortunately J.J. and I do not fall within that category :-)

Aloha -- Cathi