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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Becoming, by Michele Obama

Aloha Everyone,

When I hear the name Michelle Obama, I always think of a friend who lost her life to an aggressive form of a breast cancer. I will call her Mona. Mona was a fighter. She went through one treatment after another hoping to beat the cancer for her two young children and a loving husband. After spanning a decade of treatments and relapses, Mona’s body just couldn’t take any more chemicals. During one of Mona’s remission period, she met Michelle as a volunteer. Someone may had whispered to Michelle about Mona. Michelle, skipping preamble walked up to Mona and held her in a tight embrace. Mona told me that the experience left her joyful, full of good energy and the brief meeting will be remembered as long as she lives.

Becoming is a perfect title for Michelle Obama’s memoir. While I cannot relate to her life growing up in the South Side of Chicago, or her achievements marginalized by her race and the color of her skin, there are other aspects of her life I truly can say, “Yes I understand.” Her relationship with her mother, with her drive to excel, her keeping order and schedules in her life are all things that I can associate. Michelle’s meeting and courtship with Barrack Obama, the future 44th President of the United States, their parenting two daughters while running the government are revealed in a personal and candid conversational manner.  

Her writing skill is excellent. It is fascinating reading just even from the historical point of view when the Obamas occupied a place in American history. Taking us through mean, outright repulsive and distasteful opposition politics where so much is at stake and anything seems to be acceptable in order to win makes ‘Becoming’ a book worth reading.

Aloha -- Cathi