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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Safely Arrived in Page

Aloha Everyone,

We expect an easy, leisurely drive on Highway 89, a very familiar route for us. I offered to sit behind the steering wheel but J.J. suggested that I enjoy the vista.   

I also was lost in thought looking at a number of abandoned makeshift stands selling Navajo jewelry to tourists. Wondering what happened to them and whether or not they found another source of income.  

Then a screeching siren and a police car zipping by at least 100 mph shook my serene contemplation.

Our family and friends routinely tell us to drive safe. J.J. is an excellent, defensive driver. But witnessing a bad accident reminds us that at an instance your life can change. Highway traffic stopped for about 40 minutes. The two of us were impressed with the rapid response of highway patrolman, Arizona rescue squads, Navajo fire department and a helicopter to give assistance. We pray that the there were no fatalities and the accident victims will make swift recoveries.

Very relieved that we safely arrived in Page at another one of our favorite RV parks.

Aloha -- Cathi