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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Highway Drive Repair Service & Honu’s RV Insurance

Aloha Everyone,

Our regular RV repair shop told us that they are inundated with work. They have a 3 weeks back log. But the owner kindly gave us a referral - Highway Drive Repair Service.

Within the immediate neighborhood, J.J. and I saw at least two other shops offering auto repairs. Thank goodness for the referral as we would have selected a shop with a better curb appeal.

The Highway Drive shop owner came to greet us and confirmed our 8:00 am appointment. He was accompanied by 1 of their 8 mechanics. The mechanic was cordial, professional and ready to work. 

He installed the part we ordered from Roadtrek in Canada that raises and lowers our seat/bed. J.J. also asked the mechanic to replace windshield wipers with the new set he had purchased. Additionally, the mechanic was able to make a temporary repair on the rear door screen zipper. The charge for their service was $40.31 or 50% of their hourly charge of $70 plus tax. We are very satisfied!

Over the past 5 years (since 4/21/2014), we have spent $21,500 for repairs and maintenance on Honu. The amount is inclusive of replacing all 6 tires twice. One reason for the high expenses is we have driven nearly 130,000 miles. Another are the high prices for Mercedes Benz parts.

J.J. also changed our RV insurance from Progressive to Geico. The former keeps raising their premiums by 20% every year. Geico quoted us half price and a smaller deductible.  

Overall, our stay in Tucson has been very productive.

Aloha -- Cathi