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Friday, April 12, 2019

Outstanding Customer Service from Nate at Target Tucson Northwest

Aloha Everyone,

I was looking for shampoo and conditioner that would promote hair growth.

There are numerous products available with some specifically formulated for sensitive skin. I tried to quickly scan the product ingredients, and but it was truly overwhelming I approached a woman wearing bright red Target color shirts and inquired if there is someone I could consult about shampoo and conditioner.

Nate has been working at Target Tucson Northwest for 4 weeks. I could see why Nate is already the Team Leader. Cosmetics, electronics and clothing are his assigned areas. Definitely a people’s person, Nate listened to what I was looking for, then he proceeded to make some suggestions. When I objected to high pricing on some of the specialty items, he proposed less costly but good alternatives. Reading labels, Nate explained that in many hair care and cosmetic lines, absence of some active ingredients are more important than a long list of ingredients. The best way to describe Nate is someone who is competent, knowledgeable, and eager to help by sharing information. A customer feels confident when making a decision.

Target, it seems, is putting emphasis on its customer service. If Nate represents Target’s improved sales associates program, the company seemed to have found a winning formula.

Aloha - Cathi