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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Enjoying Our Stay in Kanarraville

Aloha Everyone,

We recognize our daily pace matches that of our environment. For example, a relatively slower pace of life in Kanarraville is ideal for easy hiking and walking.

This morning I joined Gail on a hike in what she refers to as an “easy trail.” This is my 2nd time going up this trail. I enjoyed the brisk morning air as we effortlessly managed the trail. Gail told me that if I want to go up to the top of the hill, then I should have at least a pair of walking sticks and wear snake guards. She also packs a gun in case she runs into a mountain lion. I will have to give it serious consideration.

One of the casualties of wearing my light walking shoes is that I often pick up a small pebble snuggly fitting into the cavity on the sole of my shoes. Today it was a black rock. The other day was a shiny red rock. J.J. jokingly suggested that I start a rock collection.

Melting snow from the summits of the surrounding mountains, picturesque lavender-colored field of wildflowers, blue shimmering lake that is so inviting are a few of the small treasures that make our stay in Kanarraville enjoyable.

Aloha -- Cathi