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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Columbo Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Today J.J. and I took a metro to a large shopping complex to try to activate our Spanish phone. Unfortunately we were told that our phone is locked and we have to purchase a new phone for Portugal.

Columbo Mall is located 6 metro stations from our hotel. Once underground, J.J. and I had to walk a long distance to ride the train, make a transfer, and walk some more before surfacing into the bright sunlight. Compared to the malls in the USA where so many large chain stores and department stores are closing, Columbo Mall is thriving, full of people and mostly carrying purchases.

Impressive decor, a large selection of international cuisine to choose from, J.J. and I sat down for a Brazilian lunch.

A number of steps must be taken when your wallet is stolen. The thieves worked impressively fast. They withdrew maximum amounts our accounts even as J.J. reported the theft via emails and as he tried to freeze our cards online. A simple solution from the banks’ side is to close our accounts and issue new cards. The challenge is that we do not have sufficient cash on hand to last through 10 more weeks. Making international calls, J.J. is trying to resolve the situation.

Perhaps due to a combination of stagnant air quality in subway corridors, stress from trying to remedy the mess caused by a stolen wallet and increased physical exercises (J.J. 3.3 miles & me 6.6 miles) we had no appetite. Hot soup of vegetables and the Portuguese famous mini custard pie was a sensible solution.

Aloha -- Cathi