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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Royal Botanical Garden & Meeting Dr. Gary L. Hauck

Aloha Everyone,

Madrid, the capital of Spain has immense areas set aside for parks and gardens — over 617 acres. Royal Botanical Garden, located adjacent to the Prado Museum, occupies 20 acres. It is open to public and this morning, J.J. and I paid the senior entrance fee of US$2.80 each to spend a couple of hours.

There are seven major outdoor sections. According to the Royal Botanical Garden website, the total collection includes about 90,000 plants and flowers, and 1,500 trees.

Royal Botanical Garden was established by King Charles III in 1781. It is valued for historical and artistic research and as a study center for plant life. The garden also offers an important venue for preservation of species and for the spreading of botanical science.

It is a tranquil place shielding visitors temporarily from the oppressive heat and moist air that envelope and suck your energies. I was mentally composing text of our blog watching a large white butterfly fluttering in the air. Whoosh!  A common blackbird caught the unsuspecting butterfly in midair and carried it off. I am a birder, but such sight always unnerves me.

Gary (Dr. Gary L. Hauch) recently retired, taught humanities in Michigan. His business card states: Dean/Professor Emeritus, speaker, writer, life coach, international travel host. What caught J.J.’s eye was his t-shirt with our favorite travel guide writer, Rick Steve’s mantra, “Keep on Travelin.” Gary graciously posed for our blog.

Aloha -- Cathi