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Friday, August 16, 2019

National Anthropological Museum

Aloha Everyone,

Located less than 7 minutes walk from our hotel, National Anthropological Museum has interesting displays about different ethnic groups and people of the world. The museum’s objective is to illustrate and illuminate on the cultural diversity that exists in our world.

Spread over three floors were exhibits from North, Central and South America, Africa and Oriental religions,; then a large section of a floor reserved for the Philippine exhibits. Another temporary exhibit was two photographers’ views of the Spanish Civil War.

It was a different type of museum. Exhibits were disconnected and some visitors were not shy in vocally expressing their annoyance. Free entrance and learning a handful of new information was a good way to spend our time before sitting for unexpectedly wonderful 3 course lunch for only €25 (about US$30).

Aloha -- Cathi