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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

First Full Day in Lisbon, Portugal

Aloha Everyone,

Our hotel, Ibis Lisboa Centro is located in a business district. It is a part of Accor Hotels chain. An inexpensive hotel, it has a simpler lobby, smaller rooms, no mini refrigerator but there is a window that allows the sunlight in with a roof top view. The price of our room includes  breakfast. However, we are paying 35% more compared to Hotel Agumar in Madrid.
Hotel reservations for our 5 weeks stay in Portugal is more expensive than in Spain. J.J. upgrades our habitation requirements for countries whose economy is lower than more affluent destinations. On the average, we will be paying 30% - 40% more for our accommodations in Portugal compared to Spain.

Today we went to do our laundry. The cost was 200-300% more than what we pay in KOA campgrounds and Extended Stay America hotels.


Açorda is a typical Portuguese dish composed of bread with fresh garlic, finely chopped coriander, olive oil, vinegar, water, salt. Ours was served with a poached egg and it was delicious.

Our main course was Pescadinha, or Whiting, a prominent food fish in this part of the world. Presentation at this restaurant featuring typical Portuguese dishes were creative at best. My plate had 2 fish while J.J. ordered a larger plate with 3 fish each fried with its gaping open mouth biting into its own tail. I had some white meat which J.J. served me but could not bring myself to pick on the fish as J.J. enthusiastically ate his. 

Today it was 65 Fahrenheit low and 88 high. Breezy and pleasant and the two of us are enjoying ourselves.

Aloha -- Cathi