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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Historic Porto Train Tour

Aloha Everyone,

Centro Histórico Porto is not very large and it is easy to cover within an hour. Our train was not Hop on Hop Off style bus. Once you began your tour, you stay for the duration. Nevertheless, it gave us ample opportunities to see the city from more or less, a pedestrians view point.

Frankly, after seeing so many cathedrals, churches, palaces, gardens, market places and museums of all varieties, J.J. and I prefer to reserve our sightseeing to enjoy the general ambiance of the locations. Fortifications are another matter as we both enjoy history and how the site either protected its owners and community or perished due to their locations.

Instead of taking the funicular, J.J. and I decided to descend very steep stone stairs. Halfway down, we came to a tiny restaurant with a few outdoor seats. Famished as it was past 2:00 pm and we weren’t about to look for an alternative, J.J. and I sat down in plastic lawn chairs located where the wind blew right pass us.

It was one of our most memorable meals. My sardines were grilled on the steps right in front of our eyes. They were bony but delicious! J.J. as always knows how to eat fish. My plate looked as if a little bird ran around on it. J.J. ate one of the sardines so clean that you can make a perfect skeleton imprint. His own dish consisted of two lamb skewers perfectly marinated and grilled.

Aloha -- Cathi