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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Aloha Everyone,

O Porto (the port) is located in northern Portugal. It is the second largest city after Lisbon with a population of approximately 288,000. Rio Douro (Douro River), an estuary of the Atlantic ocean, divides Porto’s old historical section in the northern part of the city and Vila Nova de Gaia, located in the south.

Based on our personal observations of shoppers and shops at Arrabida Shopping Mall, Vila Nova de Gaia seems to be an affluent neighborhood. From the information released by Statistics Portugal, housing prices continue to rise responding to surging demand and improved economic conditions. Property prices in Portugal rose by 5.39% in real terms, year-to-year in 2018, to an average price of US$1,395 - per square meter (10.764 square feet.)

In Arrabida Shopping Mall, a couple of imaginative and fitting store names that I came across are worth mentioning.

Lefties - these are owned by Zara, a Spanish high-fashion retailer. Lefties offer last season’s stock at more affordable prices. Zara fashion average about US25-$35 less than in the USA in Spain and Portugal. At Lefties, the merchandise are 30% to 50% lower.

GamingReplay - curious and to confirm my hunch about the name, I walked in and inquired what they do. GamingReplay currently has stores in Lisbon and Porto. Their business concept is people can bring used video games for a credit. Customers apply the credit when buying a previously owned or a new game.

There are approximately 49,000 Brits living in retirement in Portugal. Her year round temperate climate, wonderful people, laidback lifestyle, lower cost of living and proximity to England are reasons for the popularity. Latest move by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is making the Brits extremely uneasy. No one knows what will happen after Brexit.  Brits will o longer have the same rights as other EU members.

Aloha -- Cathi