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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Aloha Everyone,

Aveiro (pronounced Ah bah ee roo) is known for its canals. Located less than 30 minutes by local train from Porto, many visitors from Lisbon to Porto visit and leave Aveiro before the sun sets.

Our hotel, Aveiro Palace has a canal frontage. It is situated right on the main boulevard, a 5 minutes taxi ride from the train station. Rated as a 4-star business hotel, the front desk staff’s is attired in dark suits and tie. The staff is very friendly and helpful. J.J. had prepaid all our hotels. For those booking at the last minute, hotel rates fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the day of the week, current exchange rates and vacancy.

Extensive buffet breakfast is tempting but I am staying with healthier choices. Living room adjacent to the breakfast room seems to be used by tour groups who receive their daily briefings.

Today was our laundry day. The self-service laundromat is just 5 minutes by foot. Interesting displays gave us windows to the washer women of yesteryear.

João (pronounced Joe al) speaks excellent English. He is studying physics and mathematics at a local university.  His aspiration is to become an airplane pilot. From João, J.J. and I learned that many of his parents’ generation went to work in France. Thus one will find that they are able to converse in French. The two of us enjoyed our conversation with Joâo as he served us excellent dishes of suckling pig for J.J. and grilled squids for me.

Aloha -- Cathi