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Saturday, September 28, 2019

To Salamanca

Aloha Everyone,

Saying “adios” to Segovia was difficult. I have been enjoying waking up to and going sleep with the amazing views from our hotel balcony. This morning, there were 7 hot air balloons floating simultaneously in the sky. When I saw one just floating over the old fortress, I had to paint the scenes. The few color pencils I packed are insufficient to do justice. Prior to leaving Segovia, J.J. and I walked back to an alley where we previously spotted an artist’s supply shop and purchased a small watercolor set.

The Segovia train station is only accessible by private cars, public bus or taxi. Our taxi driver seemed deeply engrossed in his private thoughts. However when J.J. gave him a generous tip of 20%, he brightened up and thanked us several times. Tipping is not customary in Spain unless they spot you as an American tourist.

A cheerful trio sat next to us while J.J. and I were waiting for our trains. The couple on the left were from California. Their friend on the right told us he was born in Hawaii. I scribbled our names, email and blog address before hurrying to catch up with J.J.

All is well. We are happily settled at another Ibis Hotel. This time our view is that of a peaceful garden. The room view has improved after 14 nights stay with this chain and achieving Silver status. After Salamanca and 30 nights, it will be Gold.  Highest tier is Platinum.

Aloha -- Cathi