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Monday, September 16, 2019

Forum Coimbra Shopping Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Located across the Rio Mondego, Forum Coimbra Shopping Mall was our venue for today. The main reason for our choice was to get our daily walking exercise in the comfort of a large air-conditioned complex.

Juxtaposition of the Old City Center where the two of us have been relishing for this past week and the ultra-modern facility brought smiles to our faces. While we welcome the comfort, J.J. and I prefer the intricate and complex characters of the old city.

When a man carrying a little toddler on his shoulder enthusiastically greeted us, it took a second to place him as Roberto, our Italian restaurant waiter from Sardinia!

We decide to try the Hawaiian lunch at Poki House food stall. The vegan salad with reconstituted dried tofu, arugula, cucumber, beans, red onion topped with pineapple cubes was served with a dressing labeled “Hawaiian vegan.” J.J.’s had similar ingredients with bits of fish. Yes we are far far away from Hawaii.

Aloha -- Cathi