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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Wrapping 2022 with Asian Food

Aloha Everyone,

Perennial question J.J. poses as we head out for lunch or dinner is, “What would you like to eat today?” My reply is also constant, “Something healthy.” 

Korean Kim Chee dishes, with the right selection can be tasty and healthy. We agreed on Bulgogi Brothers located at Greenbelt 3. As appetizers, we started with two trays of assorted Kim Chee dishes. For my main dish, my beef & vegetable Bimbap with egg was served in a large deep wooden container. We shared Korean fried tofu with sesame and garlic dressing on the side.

Joy came by with our New Year’s Eve treat. Her large food basket including my favorite Bulalo soup was much appreciated. Her visit was special for she had her son and his girlfriend accompanying her. We’ve met her son several times in the past including during their trip to Honolulu. However, this was our first time to meet his girlfriend.  Our introduction was totally unexpected, so I failed to take photos…

So here they are, our New Year’s Eve dinner is home cooked Filipino dishes by our friend Joy. Always thoughtful, fresh strawberries she brought will complement the dark chocolates that’s been cooling in our fridge.

Fireworks and firecrackers will start after sunset, and we were warned not to wander around the city. No such worries.  The two of us will be in bed before 8:00 pm ready to wake up before the sunrise to welcome the New Year.

Aloha -- Cathi