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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

We Have Become Residents

Aloha Everyone,

Following my list of things to do including shopping lists, the two of us left our home. Perhaps it was my conversation with my sister that triggered whether we now feel this is our home or was it one of my friends who asked when are we coming home? 

Our home is wherever the two of us are, healthy and happy together. So, for now this is our home.

We know which bakery sells tasty Middle Eastern style bagels and pita bread. We have a vendor who promised us a great home cooked Bulalo (beef bone marrow soup) which could be pre-ordered on a weekly basis.

Our choice of pharmacy — Mercury or Watson’s depending on if we are looking for a locally produced USA brand or European are less than 1/2-mile one way. The two of us have regular fruits vendors who alerts us when she gets new batches of our favorite Lanzones or mangosteens.

For J.J., his speaking Tagalog is improving and for me my comprehension of people talking to me in their normal, rapid delivery is more understanding and less guessing. 

So, our answer is emphatically, YES!  We are no longer tourists!

Aloha -- Cathi