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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Lorenzo’s Way

Aloha Everyone,

There are three Filipino restaurants clustered within the same walkway with a serene view of the lush green vegetation, inner courtyard within the Ayala Greenbelt. Each one of these establishments is vying for potential diners luring them with their house specialties.

Within the past 10 days, J.J. and I tried all three and the verdict is in. Our favorite, in terms of the quality of food, quality of seating, quality of the premise, we give Lorenzo’s Way two thumbs up.

Actually, this restaurant is one of the places owned by the same group as the Felly-J’s. But Lorenzo’s Way’s advertised specialty, Bulalo (Beef bone marrow soup) pushed it to the top. We ordered 3 dishes, and each was perfectly prepared. J.J. was more than satisfied. Their service was extremely slow but that is due to an adjacent table filled with at least 2 dozen people all wearing reindeer horns having their Christmas office party.

There are other dishes J.J. is looking forward to trying but I would be happy having another Bulalo soup.

Aloha -- Cathi