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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“First, Second & Third World”

Aloha Everyone,

Many of us are equally guilty when referring to a country as Third World. The year was 1952 in the period of Pre-revolutionary France when Alfred Sauvy, a demographer, anthropologist and history of the French economy coined the term, Third World. That was 70 years ago!!!  No wonder the original classification of First, Second and Third World is no longer relevant today. The labels are definitely “Out-of-Date!"

Depending on who is compiling the list, the finalists may differ slightly. However, generally speaking the following are top 12: 
Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, the USA, Sweden, Norway & Iceland.

According to statistics released by World Bank, 80% of humanity lives on US$10 or less a day. Additional data based on Harvard Medical School’s “Partners in Health”; First World has pockets of deep urban poverty. While traveling with Honu, J.J. and I were both saddened and appalled in witnessing barefoot families living in makeshift huts from the Eastern seaboard to the Western desert. 

So, to clarify, the Philippine is First, Second and Third World. Air-conditioned malls are lined with stores selling international and local brands of clothings, shoes, bags and accessories. High-end restaurants serving local, regional and international cuisines are doing brisk business. Accommodations, whether it is hotels or condos are plentiful with a wide selection of quality and prices.

Aloha -- Cathi