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Monday, December 5, 2022

Never Ordinary Days

Aloha Everyone,

Our days are never ordinary. We sort of have an established daily schedule but that could change with the snap of a finger. Two such events happened over night. First, one of J.J.’s dental fillings came off. He was not in pain, but that issue had to be attended to immediately.

Second, our WiFi router stopped. We purchased data for 2 weeks but just as in a previous week, after 7 days, the router shut off with a text message which stated that we have no more data. “To continue using WiFi, you must reload.” … or something to that effect.

At 11:00 am, we went back to the Globe outlet and paid 400 peso or US$7.28 for probably another 7 days of WiFi usage. I tried to explain to my sister why we have to pay for data usage for WiFi and separate data usage for our Filipino mobile phones. In the USA, you also pay for phone and data although usually on a monthly basis. Yes, things sound complicated.

The receptionist at MetroDental clinic looked uncomfortable when she saw us enter the office area. Only after she got J.J.’s verbal assurances that he is not asking for a “free remediation” but rather need to have any available dentist to repair his missing filling, then she smiled and gave an immediate appointment.

The cost was 2,850 peso or US$51.82 inclusive of the required antigen test. According to JJ, this dentist invited him to return anytime if the filling should fall out again. We certainly hope not.

In my previous blog posting, I marveled about the unscientific data on mangosteens and their possible health benefits.  Due to a wide usage of genetic engineering of fruits and seeds that are mostly available in supermarkets in the USA, fruits tend to be juicier and sweeter. Perhaps fruits that are available here may be more beneficial for our health.

We purchased mangosteens and lanzones from a friendly vendor who charged us 600 pesos or US$10.91 for 3.3 pounds of fruits.

Aloha -- Cathi