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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Travelers’ Stomach & Mangosteen

Aloha Everyone,

Going to unfamiliar destinations, one has to take precautionary measures to avoid travelers' stomach. According to information provided on the CDC website, Travelers‘ Stomach, or more descriptive phrase, Travelers’ diarrhea (TD) is the most predictable travel-related illness.

The two of us are careful when it comes to the food we consume. We always buy bottled water. In local restaurants we order bottled water or canned soda to be brought to our table unopened and no ice. J.J. sometimes drinks “service water”, which is chilled tapped water. Irregardless of how elegant the exterior/interior, I feel more comfortable drinking bottled water.

Since arriving in the Philippines, I’ve have experienced a couple of problems. What is commonly known as “food poisoning” stomach pains and abnormal cramps can last until your stomach is empty and you are free of toxic foods.

My friend Terttu suggested that I purchase over the counter medication called Hydrasec from a local pharmacy.  This medication is not available in the USA. However, its composition and efficacy were verified and confirmed by her brother-in-law, who is a MD.

I may have identified natural antioxidants and anti-diarrhea in a tropical fruit called purple mangosteen. It’s a tropical evergreen tree with edible fruits mainly grows in Southeast Asia, southwest India, as well as Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Mangosteen fruits is juicy, sweet, smells strong and fibrous. White edible flesh can quickly turn to red and the color stains your fingers. Solution, I wear disposable plastic gloves to handle mangosteen. Based on available data on medical related websites, mangosteen fruits contain antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-microbial and anti-malarial properties.

We purchased 2.21 pounds or 9 assorted sizes of mangosteen which came out to $.81 for each fruit. If they help me in combating travelers' stomach and I even get half of listed benefits, I intend to consume two of these tasty fruits per day :-)

Aloha -- Cathi