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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Dining Membership

Aloha Everyone,

Bistro Frequent Foodie membership includes 15 restaurants belonging to the Bistro Group. Additionally, there are 3 Spanish restaurants one of which is La Flores where we’ve had a taste of their cuisine and gracious service. 

In the past, J.J. & I belonged to professional business organizations and advocacy groups. For the present, we belong to a number of airline and cruise companies as well as online hotel and travel related booking services.

When the manager who presented our bill learned that we do not have the Senior Discount Card, he offered BFF, Bistro Frequent Foodie program as a possible alternative.

The personalized card of a size of debit card contains the holder’s name, the name of the issuing restaurant and the dates of issuance and expiration. It is good for one year.

For a cost of 2,500 pesos (US$45.46) the BFF member receives:

30% off on Monday
20% off from Tuesday to Sunday

Six 250 peso off e-vouchers requiring minimum purchase of 1,000 peso for each voucher

One complimentary coffee or tea with each dining

Seniors who have the Philippines residency card receive 20% discounts by presenting their residency card plus a waiver of VAT which comes out to approximately a 32% discount. They must be 60 or older to claim their senior citizen status.

For J.J. and me who do not qualify for Filipino residency cards, BFF card is a good alternative.

Aloha -- Cathi