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Monday, August 7, 2023

Cost of Cruising

Aloha Everyone,

Yes, we are in the cruise industry’s “potential clients” lists. In addition to Princess, Oceania and Azamara, our email and surface mailboxes are inundated with their “junk advertisements.”

Some last minutes offers, especially to the Mexican Riviera, California coastal routes and even to Alaskan cruises are priced so cheap that it requires that we take a second look. So why such bargains? 

With the rising cost pertaining to our daily living, cruise fares advertising as low as $26 per person that is based on double occupancy, no window, inside cabin with tiny bathroom, you can imagine it’s like living in a closet. 

Then add taxes, fees, port expenses, mandatory gratuities and the list goes on. For our Panama Canal Cruise, we are assessed for the cost of using the canal. This doesn’t include any shore excursions, alcohol or specialty drinks such as Capuchino or bottled water. The most affordable WiFi access is to pay per day at $10 for one device per person. We received a notice that room service or breakfast in your stateroom is no longer complimentary. There is now a charge to eat pizza at the pizzeria, at $15 per person. It used to be free.

Aloha -- Cathi