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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Walmart $100 Redemption

Aloha Everyone,

A settlement from our Scripps Health Data Incident Litigation was $100 which we requested to deposit to be redeemed at Walmart.  In today’s electronic age, it sounds pretty straight forward and simple. Well, our shopping of miscellaneous items totaled $117. Prior to starting the transactions, I showed the cashier, who was adding our purchases, a copy of the email and that we will be paying $100 with the redemption amount.

After she had totaled our purchase, the cashier asked where the QR Code is. When I mentioned that there was no QR Code in the email from Walmart but was given Reward ID with 12 Letters/numbers. Our cashier got flustered and asked for her supervisor for backup. Eventually, a tech support person walked over and the three of them decided, unless we belong to Walmart Premier and have access to QR Code, we were at an impasse. Rather than waste more of our time, the two of us decided to use our credit card for our purchases and communicate with the Walmart management in writing.

This was like dealing in a third world country. At least we have become patient and take such frustration as a chance for our personal growth. HA!  Will let you know how this ends.

Aloha -- Cathi