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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Sea Day, Panama Canal Enrichment Presentation

Aloha Everyone,

I began my morning attending Zumba class, followed by Panama Canal Preview & Port Amador Enrichment Presentation by Chris Roberts. Chris clarified his background by stating, “I’m not a historian, I’m not a teacher of history and not a college professor. I write travel columns for a local newspaper.” He was a very good presenter making several clarifications on information that is available online.

Interesting and relevant information was about the tolls. Average toll was $54,000 using Historic Locks, meaning Original Locks.

Highest toll paid in 2012 was $375,000.

Emerald Princess will be paying $490,000 for passing New Locks. This amount is charged to the passengers, averaging about $165 each.

I spotted Chris Roberts at the Destination Desk. He told me that his contract is strictly for the Panama Canal crossing.  He will be on the bridge explaining the canal’s engineering marvels, history, narrating stories and workers living conditions, illnesses including deadly malaria that killed so many Spanish, French, indigenous people and Americans.

Aloha -- Cathi