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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Ginger Candy

Aloha Everyone,

Several fellow cruisers as well as our helpful cabin attendants told me about packing ginger candies for our future voyages. I was able to find a container. It is not at all like I had imagined. Some people referred to them as “ginger crystals” so I thought they would be tiny and clear in color.

The one I purchased at Whole Foods comes in a plastic container. They are thickly sugar coated. I munched on one of the smallest pieces. You get over the initial sugar high, then the ginger flavor which is strong and genuine. Munch, munch and what you are left with is leftover ginger fiber the size of a small pea.

The product is supposed to be marketed by Aurora Natural, but they are produced in Fiji.

I paid $11.49 for this 11 oz pack. Since I cannot pack along fresh ginger sliced, far more effective and tastier, but these would have to suffice. I hope they would be better than Dramamine tablets which will keep me groggy and thirsty.

Aloha -- Cathi