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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Happy Month of August!

Aloha Everyone,

It’s chilly before sunrise. The air is misty and damp. As long as I walk on shaded streets or we remain indoors, the weather is pleasant in La Jolla, CA where we are currently residing.

Sadly, others living in the Southern California are not so fortunate. The massive wildfires in Mojave National Preserve have spread to Nevada affecting air quality. Potentially erratic and sudden wind shifts could also endanger properties as well as firefighters.

It’s not just the heat we need to endure but the fine dust like particles is shielding the sunlight. As a result, Honu, like most other vehicles that are exposed to the elements, is blanketed with grayish dust.

We saw a mobile car washing service in our neighborhood. J.J. stopped and spoke with the owners, Tony and his wife. His rate at $125 for one hour’s work seems reasonable. J.J. says that he will contact Tony when the ongoing wildfires are contained.  Hopefully we will get some heavy rains to clear the atmosphere.

According to the California Fire Safe Council website, the following 4 counties including San Diego have the most risk for wildfire.

Aloha -- Cathi