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Friday, August 18, 2023

Our Home Entertainment

Aloha Everyone,

My Father’s Violin

A feel-good movie about loss, love, human relationships, pain, sorrow, suffering and rediscovering true love with poignant melody of beautiful violin music.

This is a fictional story, and the main characters are not accomplished musicians, but their performances are believable. Filmed in Istanbul, Turkey where we spent 3 adventurous weeks.  Interestingly, JJ and my first reactions were, “NO!  Streets and bridges of Istanbul were never that clean!“ Turkish language with subtitles works well.

Spoiled Brats

While this comedy-drama has obvious plot and even the ending is what one expects, it was good enough for us to watch the entire film. Hard-working extremely wealthy father has provided whatever his 3 children want, to keep them close to him. It is implied that he is a single parent. The eldest, Stella is a shopaholic. The middle child, Alexandre is lazy and the youngest, Philippe wants to become an entrepreneur though his ideas haven’t materialized to anything

French film partially shot in the port of Marseille, scenery of the farm and vineyard where the father tricks his children to hide from imaginary tax authorities is serene and beautiful. Here the father makes his children learn hard work and they eventually reconcile with each other.  

French language with English subtitles with occasional English dialogue. No profound message or “ah huh” moments, but this is an entertaining film and a chance to practice one’s French.

Aloha -- Cathi