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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Lunch with Marita & Detsy

Aloha Everyone,

Invitation for lunch from J.J.’s sister, Marita was at a nearby Japanese restaurant called Sugi. Detsy, their niece joined this very congenial family get together. 

We started with an assortment of sashimi and sushi appetizers to share. Then we each made our own selection. JJ.. had a bento box while Marita & Detsy ordered tempura lunch. I chose hot vegetable soba soup.

Although I saw a Japanese man who looked like the restaurant’s manager, the chefs and servers were all Filipino and the food modified to local taste.

Marita who worked as sales manager for several top hotels in Asia, explained to us differences and subtle nuances of each country’s use of English. This seems to explain the challenges we faced in trying to talk to our Grab (Uber) and taxi drivers on the day we went to MoA.

Aloha -- Cathi