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Monday, December 4, 2023

We Needed More Than 4 1/2 Days!

Aloha Everyone,

Seriously, we are short of sleep and short of time. When our airline tickets were booked, we didn’t look close enough that 4 1/2 days allocated to prepare for travel to the Philippines included Saturday and Sunday when most businesses are closed. 

J.J. was able to accomplish obtaining theTravel QR Code providing our health information and Online Checking 24-hours prior to departure

Getting our prescriptions that required our doctor’s approval was challenging. We devised Plan A and Plan B.  Pharmacists at Walmart were truly amazing and helpful. Only 30 minutes to spare before the pharmacy closed, we were able to pick up most of our essential medicines.

Deprived of sleep and exercise, we both agreed that “We needed More Than 4 1/2 Days!”

Aloha -- Cathi