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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Healthy Filipino Snacks - Taho with Sago

Aloha Everyone,

Usually sold by vendors at street markets, J.J. discourages my trying due to lack of refrigeration and poor sanitation. However, Detsy, J.J.’s niece, encouraged us to try a small take-out place in Ayala Mall Greenbelt. 

Joy Beans has refrigerated display case for Taho and a clear message on individual containers which states: Keep refrigerated and consume immediately.

Taho is Silken Tofu, softer formula than Japanese silken tofu. According to multiple nutritional and health sites, there are several benefits of eating Taho.

1.  Reduce the risk of getting breast cancer
2.  Helps prevent heart disease
3.  Prevention of type 2 diabetes
4.  Lowers cholesterol
5. Helps gastrointestinal tract

Sago is an edible starch made from medulla of an array of tropical palm trees. Also referred as Sabudana, sago’s following health benefits are cited in multiple health and nutritional websites.

1.  Good energy source
2.  Gluten-free diet
3.  Regulates blood pressure
4.  Improve digestion
5.  Compensate iron deficiency
6.  Boosts nervous system
7.  Enhances mental health
8.  Improves iron deficiency in anemia

A small container of Taho with sago I buy without any fruits flavored sauce is tasty and filling. Everything in moderation. I will have Taho with sago thrice a week as my healthy Filipino snack.

Aloha -- Cathi