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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Dinner with Terttu & Richard

Aloha Everyone,

After knowing each other for over 50 years, we still learned new things about them.

Richard is a polyglot. In addition to 3 Chinese languages, English and a couple of Filipino languages, he is fluent in French and Spanish. He confided that he thinks in French & Spanish without translating them first. 

Richard established several companies.

When trying to register their names in the Philippine, he faced rejections due to similarities of names with existing entities. His solution: asked Terttu for Finnish words. They are totally different from other local firms. Richard has no problem registering them.

I also learned that Terttu volunteered as a docent at Ayala Museum Filipino Diorama section about 30 years ago.

Over a delightful Korean meal, our conversation spanned a half century of friendship. They are leaving for their family holiday gathering in Cancun. J.J. and I also have our Christmas and New Year’s travel plans. We reluctantly parted company with a promise to see each other in January.

Aloha -- Cathi