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Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Luncheon

Aloha Everyone,

Marita invited us to her home for Christmas Day lunch. She had a selection of healthy dishes. Among them, Laksa (Malaysian noodle dish) was catered by our friend, Joy. Spicy but not too hot and delicious, it was J.J. and my favorite dish at lunch but far different from what we normally have for Christmas.

Marita’s home is a spacious 3-bedroom condo. It is located on the second floor overlooking a serene greenery. She said that since her windows do not face the morning sun, her home is always cool. She uses split AC whenever she is at home to maintain air circulation.

Marita had several desserts ready which weren’t gluten free or sugar free but certainly delicious! Luckily, J.J. and I brought bags of California nuts to offset the sweet treats.

J.J. and Marita are siblings, and the other two guests were related through their maternal grandmother. When I asked if all “Albert” in the Philippines are related, they quickly countered me by saying 92% of Albert’s are. However, the remaining 8% have fallen out of the family’s grace. Large family politics can be complicated.

Aloha -- Cathi