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Friday, December 29, 2023

Nokia Cell Phone

Aloha Everyone,

The process of getting a cell phone to use while we are in the Philippines requires 3 documents for US citizens.

1.  Copy of the U.S. passport
2.  Receipt from our hotel
3.  Actual airline tickets showing flight information including the departure date.

We purchased a simple cell phone mainly to send and receive texts to local numbers. Following the salesman’s suggestion, we installed 2 SIM cards for 2 main phone companies. Documents were needed to register SIM with the government. Entire process took about an hour.

J.J.’s laptop hasn’t been working well. We stopped by at a repair shop to see if malware diagnosis could be performed. The technician told us that the only solution is to reboot. J.J. decided to purchase an USB port and save the data. His laptop seemed to be at the end of its lifecycle. He will purchase a new laptop once we are back in California.

Our next stop was the Metro Dental office. They found our records from a year ago. We made appointments for Tuesday January 2. This is one day prior to our 4 days trip to Baguio.

Finally, J.J. was able to order an extra pair of reading glasses. An extra pair of distance glasses will be next on our list of things to do.

Another busy day heading towards the final days of 2023.

Aloha -- Cathi