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Friday, December 8, 2023

Safely in the Philippines

Aloha Everyone,

Our travel time on Tuesday took 27 hours in total including 17 1/2 hours sitting in the plane. J.J. managed to get several short naps. Except for 3 hours of straight sleep, I remained awake during the entire duration of our flight.

Entry process went without a hitch.  I was apprehensive due to a challenge I had on our previous trip last November.  J.J. and I were separated at the immigration booth. This time our passports were actually checked together and both of us received one-year Balikbayan (Returning Home) visa for free.

Traffic in Manila is horrible. Our hotel car driver held a small sign with our names but unfortunately our porters who were helping us failed to spot him. It was 80 degrees. I removed my jacket, scarf to stay cool. Luckily we had asked for wheelchair services so we didn’t have to walk down then up the uneven ramp.

By the time we settled in our very spacious and comfortable mini suite, we were too exhausted to sleep. 

It would take a few days to recover from our journey.

Photos of our inflight meals.

Aloha -- Cathi