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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Crossed the International Date Line

Aloha Everyone,

The onboard ship news of the day is that when we crossed the International Date Line, Monday April 15 was omitted.  No major impact on everyone’s lives. Although it could get a little confusing if you take medications and supplements on a daily basis.

Our lunch table mates attended the recent Art Auction. Amazing to hear that some made bids on art, based on their descriptions and suggested values. As long as they are happy that what they are purchasing things that may hold value, it is good. They are also realistic that their children wouldn’t be interested in inheriting their art collection. The paintings will probably be sold at a garage sale or worse, donated to Goodwill.

Zumba fitness was led by Nat Santos, a certified Zumba teacher. He brought energy and vigor to the class motivating participants to push themselves a little bit farther.

This morning’s Enrichment History Series was Vienna City of Dreams. Incorporating songs from popular musical of Rogers and Hammerstein, audiences lived the glorious years of Viennese history and culture.

Not too many things to do on our schedule for today, I concentrated on my walking. When my iPhone showed that I’d completed 6.9 miles, I decided to give a little more push and ended the day walking 7.3 miles. It was a little too much. After dinner, we went to our stateroom rather than trying to see the evening entertainment.

Aloha -- Cathi