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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Dravuni Island, Fiji

Aloha Everyone,

Perhaps one of the most enchanting small islands we will be visiting on this cruise. J.J. and I decided to have an early breakfast then go ashore taking a tender. Due to our Elite Class status, we were the very first tender to leave.

J.J. didn’t take the short ride on a tender well. He stayed on an area near our landing where there was a shaded spot with chairs.  

I walked around on the island from one end to the other except to climb up the highest hill where I didn’t have confidence to be able to run up then soak in the clear water as Tui, the husband of Maile was planning to do while she gets her massage.

On our return trip, J.J. and I were the only passengers on the tender. Early lunch, shower, then siesta, another wonderful day.  

Captain’s announcement of a helicopter to emergency airlift a passenger from the Dravuni Island came when I was wrapping up my daily walk. Sending our prayers and hope the individual will make a full recovery.

Aloha -- Cathi