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Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Typical Sunday Sea Day

Aloha Everyone,

Had a healthy breakfast at Horizon Court. With remaining WiFi connection, I was able to speak with Jeff & our daughter-in-law in La Jolla. I wasn’t able to get hold of my sister. 

The Interdenominational Church Service at the Explorer’s Lounge had a good attendance. A group of friends were seated across from the lounge. Each holding cocktail in their hands, some with snacks. It was apparent that a few were inebriated and laughed out loud at inappropriate times. Not waiting for the service to end, they decided to move to the casino. I suppose they started the morning with good intentions.

“Michelangelo, The Hidden Man” was well received though the presenters’ focused of mixing Opera with Art was puzzling.

There was more than the usual foot traffic. Based on today’s Princess Patter, there was “60 Second Frenzy”, “Art Auction Preview”, “Everything $10 event & raffle”. Passengers with large shopping bags were busy moving around.

Windy but the sun was shining. I look forward to walking on the promenade deck when the sea is calmer.

Aloha -- Cathi