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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Sea Day, Formal Night

Aloha Everyone,

There are numerous onboard activities for passengers as well as for the crew. Last night, when we returned from our dinner, our survival vests were all lined up along the corridor. This was due to removing the old battery and replacing with new ones. 

Tai chi classes are open to anyone in the Explorer’s Lounge. It attracts people who want to do low key exercises following an instructor whose larger than life image is projected on several screens. Even those who were sitting in their wheel chairs were able to raise their arms, shift from their bodies from side to side and make large circular motions bending forwards and backwards. Today the sea was rough and pitching motions of the boat made it somewhat precarious to do Tai chi balance poses.

Healing chronic pains with Acupuncture, Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Dr. E.P. M.D., Hoe to Increase Your Metabolism, Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Chinese Herbs, Tighten your Skin with Thermage - these are but some of the daily classes being offered on board the Sapphire Princess. At lunch, one of the couples we shared a table with told us how they feel younger, free of pain and have so much more energy.

Sometimes illnesses and healing processes occurs when one is happy, relaxed and ready to embrace life. Hope their pains and suffering have been relieved and they are going back to their normal lifestyle in high spirits.

Photos of our meal selections for today.

Aloha -- Cathi