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Sunday, April 28, 2024


Aloha Everyone,

Our final shore visit, Moorea was as enchanting as we remembered from our first trip. Although last year J.J. and I joined an air conditioned bus tour, we decided to hire a taxi for two hours.

Nadette was a large Tahitian woman who needed cigarette breaks while J.J. and I went to take souvenir photos. She was born on another island. Her primary language is Tahitian but she also speaks French and English. On account of her heavy accent and J.J.’s weakened hearing, occasionally, there were miscommunication. Nothing too alarming.  After we spent less than the agreed two hours, J.J. asked her to take us back to the pier.

Nadette was a good tour guide. A couple of things which she proudly shared are there is no criminal or gangs on Moorea. The island is very safe, everyone knows everyone and they all take care of one another.

She also mentioned that the Tahitian Black Pearls are not cultivated in Tahitian water. To grow culture pearls, water must be clean and should have current. So all these stores in Papeete and Moorea who are promoting Tahitian Black Pearls are getting their products from elsewhere. Interesting to do research on its actual source and who or what companies are behind this lucrative market.

We paid Nadette US$200 in cash. She was all smiles and asked us to look for her when we return to Tahiti.

Aloha -- Cathi