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Monday, April 8, 2024

Total Eclipse for 30 Million+ Americans

Aloha Everyone,

Today the big news is 30 million plus Americans were able to see a total Solar Eclipse.

J.J. and I have seen total eclipses twice. Once we took a cruise from Singapore. The cruise ship company moved the ship from their normal route to enable passengers to witness the Eclipse. The event was held on two decks. We had hundreds of fellow passengers witnessing the event. It was the highlight of our Christmas cruise.

In 2017, we drove to Northern Arizona. This experience was more personal. J.J. and I parked Honu in our relative’s driveway. During the eclipse, birds were fluttering, dogs and cows were howling. They sensed that there was something wrong and uncomfortable while experiencing this unique phenomena.

At lunch, one of our tablemates excitedly related her experience of seeing the eclipse. Though she only discerned a fraction of the event, she will remember this day as the highlight of our cruise.

Another big news is that price of gold soared to $2358.  It is 16% increase over a year.

I attended the Hula Class given by the Hawaiian Ambassadors, Maile & Tui Letuli.
There must’ve been nearly 200 wannabe dancers.  I will be happier being in the audience than on stage when the dancers present their new skill.

Our lunch and dinner photos.

Aloha -- Cathi