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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Our Income Tax Filed

Aloha Everyone,

Just two minutes after we walked out of the H&R BLOCK office, a text message came in with the message “IRS accepted your return.”

Over the years, income tax filing has changed. Our Enrolled Agent (EA) at H&R BLOCK took about 45 minutes to input our data to her office computer. She then went over the documents with us and we signed electronically and dated on the appropriate pages.

Our tax preparation fee for this year is $410.00. The amount is 32% a increase from last year. With constant changes and modifications, today’s tax return is a lot more complicated. I remember the days where J.J. used to do our tax returns. He was not a happy camper. J.J. said he would gladly pay the fee which he still feels reasonable. I am happy that this was one of the big things to do prior to leaving on our cruise.

Aloha -- Cathi