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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Sea Day

Aloha Everyone,

Able to get my morning walk and attend the Enrichment Classical Music Series: History of Broadway. Princess Theater was about 70% packed. 

Destination presentation that followed on Fiji was full.  By a show of hands, it seemed nearly 80% of the audience hasn’t been to Fiji. Not only were there standing room only but some people stood on steps blocking the view.  I decided to leave and join J.J. who was enjoying his cappuccino on the Piazza deck.

Tonight’s ShowTime with Comedian Sid Davis was disappointing. His performance 2 nights ago was light, funny and well received. His material for tonight was more adult themed and made people uncomfortable. Good comedians are sensitive to the audience’s reactions. Having discords and talking amongst themselves made performer and audience eagerly waiting for the program to end. 

Our breakfast, lunch and dinner selections.

Aloha -- Cathi