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Monday, April 22, 2024

Suva, Fiji

Aloha Everyone,

Nearly a full day in Suva. J.J. and I walked out of the port and we went to visit the local food market. This is where residents do their shopping. Green vegetables, coconuts, tropical fruits were spread across the makeshift tables. I kept my face mask on Pungent smell of ripe bananas, extremely red watermelon mixed with prepared fish, enormous chocolate breakfast muffins, and fragrant tropical flowers caused my head to ache. While I love the sights, my other senses are so sharp that they overwhelm me.

Returned to the ship early giving me plenty of time to do my daily walking.

Due to crossing the International Date Line, Sunday April 21, 2024 was omitted.

Tonight’s Folkloric Performance: A Spectacle of Fijian Culture was interesting. Compared to the Mexican Folkloric Performance we watched in Mexico City it was amateurish. Fascinating to see the Fijian culture outside of Christian traditions. Socially awkward situations displayed on a big stage performance was also acceptable to one’s psychological makeup up.

Aloha -- Cathi