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Monday, December 22, 2014

Angel the Plumber

Aloha Everyone,

Angel, pronounced Ahmh-hale, responded to our call when my Mother's kitchen sink backed up last Saturday. The minutes he stood at her front door, we felt at ease with him.

The dishwasher water came up the master bathroom shower and we had to call Angel back.

This reminded me of a funny story that Mr. D, the head of the art department at our son's high school once told us.  Mr. D was an "atypical" teacher.  While he wan a great teacher, and an exceptional potter and sculptor, what endeared him to his students was his own unique brand of philosophy and life lessons which he shared freely with his students.

Both of our sons excelled academically, but Mr. D told them to consider a career of air conditioner repairman. He further went to advise them that a certified air conditioning repairman in Hawaii would make more money than a white collared professional working in the air-conditioned office. Mr. D then would laugh whole-heartedly enjoying his own joke.

Licensed plumber like licensed air-conditioner repairman is a valued tradesman. My Mother said that she has been receiving the magnet refrigerator calendar for the past 10 years. Angel from Bestline Plumbing was very pleased to hear that their advertising is effective. We in turn were very happy to have found a reliable and professional plumber who stands by his advertised message.

Aloha -- Cathi