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Monday, December 8, 2014

Return to Arizona

Aloha Everyone,

California considered you a tax resident if you stay over 180 days within a 12 months period. In order to be safe and be law abiding, we decided to take a short sojourn to Arizona entering through Yuma.

I love this rocky landscape on I -8. Only 75 miles away from San Diego and less than 2 hours, we were able to enjoy the open road with hardly any people.

At this rest stop, J.J. and I got our walking exercises done.

Imperial Valley is where lots of fresh vegetables are produced.

We also noticed Imperial Valley Dune Park, just along I-8 with fences and facilities to accommodate all terrains vehicles.

Just on the opposite side of the highway is a canal system to transport water to California residents.

We are spending the night at Arizona Sands RV Park. We just watched the spectacular desert sunset from

Aloha -- Cathi