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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ramen Hayatemaru

Aloha Everyone,

Ramen, pronounced rah -men is a popular Japanese noodle soup dish. Its origin is traced back to China as the soup base is usually pork and noodle used is wheat.

In Japan top ramen restaurants compete for their clientele by claiming that its recipe dates back 300 years.  Awards and recognition by "Chef's Choice" and "People's Choice" are regarded seriously by ramen shops owners and patrons.

J.J. likes Tan Tan Men which is spicy, peppery noodle soup with an array of toppings including a large piece of sliced pork. His favorite ramen stand is located on the ground floor of Haneda Airport in Tokyo. He is a happy traveler with a dish of Tan Tan Men while we wait for our flight.

Ramen Hayatemaru specializes in Hokkaido-style noodle soup. Pouring over the menu, I was disappointed to see that I could not find any soup dish without pork or chicken stock.

Nobu, our waiter was sympathetic to my situation and recommended a hot tofu ( soy beans) dish. To compliment it, I also ordered edamame (soy beans in its pod). They were excellent choices and I was thoroughly satisfied.

For J.J., Tan Tan Men at the ground floor of Haneda Airport is still the best.

Aloha -- Cathi