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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Camelback Mountain, Arizona

Aloha Everyone,

Camelback Mountain is a prominent landmark in the Phoenix area. The mountain derived its English name from the shape that resembles the head and a hump of a kneeling camel.  Scientists estimated that it has a geological age of around 25 million years.

With an elevation of 2,706 ft, Camelback Mountain is a popular recreation destination for hikers and climbers.

We were told that there are a couple of easy trails for Camelback Mountain: Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail.  However, when J.J. and I drove around to find them, we found out that the road becomes private and one has to park outside of the gated area and hike up.  We decided to save these hikes for another day.

If you do decide to hike in Arizona, be mindful of rattlesnakes.  According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, there are 13 different species of rattlesnakes in Arizona and there about 150 people who are bitten each year.  Fortunately, less than 1 percent of all snakebites are fatal provided that an anti-venom is administered quickly, but they can be extremely painful.  If you do hear a rattling sound, be sure to give the snake space and a chance to escape.

Aloha -- Cathi