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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Joy of Reading Books

Aloha Everyone,

I enjoy reading multiple books at a time. A small pocket book by Pema Chodron is always in my shoulder bag so I can turn to it when I have a few minutes. Classic books are for my night time reading. Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice" is one of my all time favorites. J.J. teases me that I've memorized the passages, but I enjoy re-reading nevertheless.

Irvin D. Krause's book, "You Will Never See Any God" is a collection of nine short stories. Titles: Spring Flood, The Metal Sky, The Witch may offer some ideas as to its content.  Characters in his stories are mean spirited, merciless, unforgiving yet real human brings, weak and strong, hopeful yet poignant. They represent the Mid-West independent, stubborn character and humanity. This may be traced to Irvin D. Krause's roots: Nebraska.

The book was a gift from his widow who is a good friend and our mentor. The stories are original and leaves you not feeling warm and fuzzy but thought provoking and contemplative suitable for reading on a sunny day sitting under the shade of a big tree.

Aloha -- Cathi